Free Shipping in India    |     COD Available
Free Shipping in India    |     COD Available

Our traditional embroideries and crafts are tangible symbols of inherited values and ancient skills, the loss of which would be irreparable to country and culture.

With a vision to revive our traditional skills, Firgun collaborates with artisans and craft persons to bring traditional embroidery and crafts to mainstream by making it appealing to contemporary taste. Driven by purpose, we want to promote traditional techniques and skills while creating sustainable livelihood for craft persons.

During our extensive research, we found that many artists are leaving their traditional occupation as it is not economically viable for them to pursue it further. Modern invention and technologies have also deeply impacted the craft ecosystem causing many of enriched art forms to face extinction. Having contacted with many craft persons and understanding their plight, we started to ponder over our so called development thinking is it really inclusive and sustainable?

With the sole aim to restore our artistic pride and create a thriving ecosystem for craft persons, our team came together,leaving cushy corporate jobs to create positive impact in their lives and give them the due pride and respect which they really deserve.