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We, Firgun Retail Private Limited (hereafter referred as “Firgun”,”Seller”,”Our”,”We”, ”Us” or “Website”) is committed to respecting your (“you”, “data subject”, “user”, “subscriber” or “your”) online privacy. 

We are the operator and original licensee of . Firgun can be reached via email at .

We respect your data privacy concern and hence believe you have full right to know how your information is being accessed and used by our platform.

This privacy policy details about the nature of information Firgun might collect from user while using or accessing the website ( ) and also describes the manner in which information collected from you is used, processed, disclosed and maintained.

Please give a thorough read and understanding to our privacy policy. We will only gather information with the bona fide intent and where we feel it is necessary to do so while dealing with you .If you have any concern and do not agree to way in which we treat your information (which include name, contact details, mail id, physical address etc.) ,your choice is to not use the website.

Your visit or use of “Our” website (, constitute your agreement to this privacy policy.

By accepting our privacy policy, you explicitly give consent to Firgun’s use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How we collect information and nature of information              

While using our website (, as you navigate through it , we may track your activities and collect different types of information. This may include generic as well as personally identifiable information, your usage pattern of website, searches made by you, advertisements or third party and affiliate links that you have visited or clicked. You understand that information gathered by Firgun may be collected directly or through tracking of Your usage of the website. The usage details may include IP addresses, details of your device, browser, location, connections and any information that Firgun may collect by virtue of Cookies and other tracking methods. In most of the cases the collection of data will be automatic.

“Cookies” are used to ensure all visitors have best possible experience by helping us to keep your account safe.

Cookies are small piece of code stored by a website you visit in your browser and later on sent by your web browser in every request to the website. Cookie allows the site or a third party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and give you better user experience. Essentially, cookies are a visitor’s identity card for Firgun server. We might be using both “persistent” or “session” cookies with the sole aim to give you better experience.

Promotions and advertisements on our website may be posted by third party or affiliate partners who may use cookies and other tracking methods to gather information about you. Firgun does not have control nor does it take responsibility for such third parties, their method of collecting information or how they may be used.  Please note that Firgun cannot control the action of other users of the website with whom you might have shared the information.

How we use your information 

We collect information from you only to the extent which we feel will allow us to provide you best experience. Under no circumstances we trade or share your personal information with any other party for their marketing activities, without your consent. We reserve the right to communicate Your Information to any third party that makes a legally-valid request for its disclosure. However, we will not disclose your name, address and other information which identifies you personally to any third party without your consent. If Firgun ascertain that any information You have provided or uploaded violates the terms of this privacy policy,we have the right, in its absolute discretion, to delete or destroy such information without incurring any liability to You. You also agree to the term that information collected from you will be used to contact you and deliver personalized advertisements and any other communication relevant to your use of Website. In case you don’t wish to receive any such communication, You can change your profile settings.

We use third-party service providers to serve advertisements on our behalf across the internet and sometimes on this website. They may collect anonymous information about your visits to our website, and your interaction with our products and services. No personal information is collected or used in this process in which anonymous information is collected through the use of industry standard pixel tag.

Whom we disclose your information 

The information collected from you on the Website may be disclosed by Us to Our agents, employees, third party advertisers, subsidiaries and affiliates or to the third party service provider of Firgun who require the information with the aim to give you better service and maintaining our website. We will comply to requests and direction of all the legal and regulatory authorities,which it believes in good faith to be in accordance with any applicable law. Such compliance may require providing user information or even personally identifiable information to such legal bodies.


Data Security 

The information you provide is stored and maintained in our robust and secure server with appropriate mechanism which is owned by Us or by third parties. At the same time, being the user of Our website you also share the responsibility to secure your data. You should use our website in responsible manner and You are solely responsible for all the acts committed under your username.

While we take considerable effort to ensure Your data security, We offer no warranty or other assurances that security measures are adequate or unbreachable.

How to update your information

As and when required you can easily update/delete/alter Your information under profile section by using your registered user name and password. However, please be informed that Firgun has right to save any usage information and You are not entitled to ask the deletion for the same.

Privacy Policy Update 

We may review Our privacy policy time-to-time and make changes as per the need. The policy which is live on website will be applicable at that point of time. You need to visit our website to have understanding of existing policy. Use of information which is collected from you is subject to the policy in effect at the time such information is used.


If you do not intend to receive any communication from us please drop a mail to

For any query related to Our privacy policy, please write to Us at